Friday, May 5, 2017

Afro-Futurist ZULUZULUU 's What's The Price Tour 2017

Minneapolis Afro-Futurist ZULUZULUU head out on the What's The Price Tour 2017, with stops in Milwaukee, La Crosse, Chicago, Soundset Festival, Des Moines,Iowa at 80-35 Festival, Soiux Falls,SD at 605 Summer Classic, Northern Lights Launch in Minneapolis, Square Lake Film & Music Festival in Stillwater and Los Angeles for California for Low End Theory and Oakland's First Friday.

“A producers’ supergroup of sorts, ZULUZULUU has been synthesizing and streamlining enough collectivized inspiration (their covers album The Cover Up spans from The Stylistics to DJ Quik) to stand out as a more hip-hop-indebted heir to the classic ’80s Minneapolis sound—the classic DIY funk roots fused with a sample-searching cratedigger’s ear.” — Nate Patrin (

“While ZuluZuluu’s “What’s the Price?” was loaded with infectious cosmic grooves good for tuning out the din of 2016, the lyrics offered an alert, visionary, utopian exploration of African-American identity and art in a year that saw race issues boil up locally and nationally.” — Chris Riemenschneider (Star Tribune)

“The members of the Afro-Future collective had the audience in the palms of their hands, and when they called for everyone to put their hands in the air, nearly everyone in the crowd obliged. This moment was one of the most magical of the night; feeling an entire group of music listeners come together to let loose and celebrate great music.” — Hannah Bubser (89.3 The Current)

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