Tuesday, July 31, 2012

Sigur Rós -"Varúð"-video

Sigur Rós with another video from their Valtari' Mystery Film Experiment, "Varúð" by director Ryan McGinley.

Monday, July 30, 2012

Sean Price -"Haraam"-mp3

Sean Price offers a new banger "Haraam" courtesy of Rock The Bells 2012 mixtape.

Sean Price -"Haraam"-mp3

Slug, Kaleem, & MasterMind -"Northern Lights"-mp3

Slug from Atmosphere joins St. Paul's MasterMind & Kaleem. Taken from The New Cat mixtape.

Slug, Kaleem, & MasterMind -"Northern Lights"-mp3

Sunday, July 29, 2012

Animal Collective -"Today's Supernatural" -MP3

Animal Collective with the first track from Centipede Hz, "Today's Supernatural". Centipede Hz arrives September 4th on Domino.

Animal Collective -"Today's Supernatural"-MP3

Friday, July 27, 2012

Asap Rocky + Schoolboy Q + Danny Brown at First Ave, Oct 13th

Todays new school Asap Rocky, Schoolboy Q & Danny Brown hit the road together with a First Avenue date included.

Asap Rocky
Schoolboy Q
Danny Brown
First Ave
Oct. 13th

Asap Rocky & Schoolboy Q -"Hands On The Wheel"-video
Schoolboy Q -"There He Go"-video
Danny Brown & Schoolboy Q-"Flight Confirmation"-mp3

Flying Lotus -Lovers Melt III- mixtape

Flying Lotus has been busy week dropping new single "Between Friends", instrumentals, now he drops new mixtape Lovers Melt III. Flying Lotus new record Until The Quiet Comes, arrives October 2nd on Warp.

Flying Lotus -Lovers Melt III-mp3

Wednesday, July 25, 2012

Raekwon -"Keep It Politics"-mp3

Wu-Tang's Raekwon delivers a throwback burner "Keep It Politics" from Closed Sessions Vol. 2 released by Chicago indie label Closed Sessions. The album and documentary series is presented by rubyhornet.com, MTV2 Sucker Free, and SoundScape Studios.

Raekwon -"Keep It Politics" (prod. by DJ Babu)-mp3

Flying Lotus -“Lamentedmix3 (Instrumental)”-mp3

Flying Lotus keeps on giving after just releasing his collab with Odd Future on "Between Friends", now he throws us an unreleased instrumental.

Flying Lotus -“Lamentedmix3 (Instrumental)”-mp3
Flying Lotus -"Between Friends"-mp3

Tuesday, July 24, 2012

M.I.A. - "Bad Girls (Surkin Remix)"-mp3

M.I.A. tosses "Bad Girls" to Parisian producer DJ Surkin.

Nas -"Bad Girls (Surkin Remix)"-mp3

Big Cats -"One"-mp3

Minneapolis producer Big Cats (Guante, The Tribe & Big Cats, Claire de Lune) lays out a down tempo swinger with the first track from his solo long-player For My Mother.

Big Cats -"One"-mp3

Monday, July 23, 2012

Bat For Lashes -"Laura"-mp3

Bat For Lashes returns with the slow burner "Laura" from her upcoming new album The Haunted Man.

Bat For Lashes-"Laura"-mp3
Bat For Lashes-"Laura"-video

Flying Lotus -"Between Friends"-mp3

Flying Lotus hooks up with Odd Future's Earl The Sweatshirt and whats appears to be Tyler The Creator. Flying Lotus new record Until the Quiet Comes will be released on October 2nd on Warp

Flying Lotus ft. Earl Sweatshirt + Captain Murphy-"Between Friends"-mp3

Friday, July 20, 2012

Andre 3000 ft. The Weeknd - "The Ride (Remix )"-mp3

Tyler The Creator remixes Andre 3000 and The Weeknd's "The Ride".

Andre 3000 ft. The Weeknd -"The Ride (Remix )"-mp3

Blood Diamonds ft. Grimes -“Phone Sex (Unicorn Kid Remix)”

Blood Diamonds track with Grimes gets reworked by Scottish producer Unicorn Kid.

Blood Diamonds ft. Grimes -"Phone Sex (Unicorn Kid)"-mp3

Theesatisfaction -"QueenS (The Internet Remix)"-mp3

Shabazz Palaces associates Theesatisfaction shares remixes with The Internet, Odd Futures's downbeat spin-off.

7th Street Entry
Aug. 28th

Theesatisfaction -"QueenS (The Internet Remix)"-mp3
Internet -"She DGAF (THEESatisfaction Remix)"-mp3

Don Cash -"American Ninja"-mp3

Toronto's experimental rap artist Don Cash with a new jump "American Ninja". You can hear traces of Shabazz Palaces and Cadence Weapon, although Don Cash's no rookie.

Don Cash -American Ninja-mp3

Wednesday, July 18, 2012

Sigur Rós – "Ég Anda"-video

Sigur Rós - Ég anda from Sigur Rós Valtari Mystery Films on Vimeo.

Icelands' Sigur Rós with the video for "Ég Anda" off their new quiet storm Valtari, directed by Ramin Bahrani.

Blu & Exile -"A Man"-mp3

Left coast explorer Blu & Exile has quietly released a very solid Maybe One Day EP. Blu & Exile's full length Give Me My Flowers, out Sept. 4th.

Blu & Exile --mp3

Tuesday, July 17, 2012

Monday, July 16, 2012

Frank Ocean: Channel Orange review +

Frank Ocean's debut Channel Orange reviewed by Sound Verite and others at Reviler.

Odd Future's soul crooner Frank Ocean released the breakout modern soul record of 2011 with his mixtape Nostalgia, Ultra. Nostalgia, Ultra's gorgeous melodies showed the promise of a new paradigm by creating a R&B record that reached for the outer limits. Since then, the singer-songwriter has penned tracks for Beyonce, John Legend and made appearances on Kanye West & Jay-Z's Watch the Throne, as well as various music with his Odd Future crew. He has emerged as a voice of a changing generation whose vulnerabilities are on full display. Along with the The Weeknd's Abel Tesaye, they have changed what “R&B” means as they take different paths down the same lane. While Tesaye seduced with his drugged out references, Frank Ocean wins with the charm of a clean cut, golden church kid. On his debut full release Channel Orange, Ocean's voice commands center-stage with clever production assistance from Om Mas Keith formerly of Sa Ra Creative. Ocean takes us in a personal journey of his emotions and struggle to find himself with attention to every detail. That focus is powerful, but sometimes gets caught up in its own artiness.

Opening with the killer ballad “Thinking of You”, a simple refrain that is executed to perfection “I'm thinking 'bout you (Ooh no, no, no), I've been thinking 'bout you (You know, know , know), I've been thinking 'bout you, Do you think about me still? Do ya, do ya”. The feel good summer vibe of “Sweet Life” imagines a prime Stevie Wonder with co-production from Pharrell Williams. “Super Rich Kids” pokes and jabs at rich kids with a cameo from Earl The Sweatshirt over Elton John's classic “Bennie and the Jets”. Ocean also explores the darker demons on “Pilot Jones” and “Crack Rock” where he offers another bleak view into the epidemic's effect. On his epic 9 minute 2 songs in 1 track “Pyramids”, Ocean's passion for watching strippers over a Micheal Jackson style mid-tempo jam that after the five minute mark the track shifts gears into a lush, seductive slow jam.

The emotional centerpiece is the grand indictment “Bad Religion” where he questions religious truth, and who can tell someone whom they should love. Drenched in beautiful gospel inspired strings and piano he seeks counsel from a taxi driver. “He said “Allahu Akbar I told him don't curse me, but boy you need prayer, I guess it couldn't hurt me. If it brings me to my knees its a bad religion”. Outkast fans are going to go crazy over the subdued space funk of “Pink Matter” with an assist from Andre 3000. Along with some of the skits and having John Mayer on his record there's many confusing moments like “Fertilizer”, “Forrest Gump”, “Pilot Jones” and “Monks”. There's also a bonus track “Golden Girl” featuring Tyler The Creator that's surprisingly listenable.

Frank Ocean has made a quite a powerful statement, colored in so many shades of pop music's kaleidoscope. Whether as keeper of the flame of a Wonder or Prince or as playful with the experimental cadences of Kayne West and Fiona Apple. It seems he was inspired to deliver a great record full of bold confessions, joy, personal tragedy, dark views of city life and beautiful conceptual narratives. Ocean's falsetto is rich, nuanced and full of drama. With standout tracks like “Thinking Of You”, “Pyramids”, “Bad Religion”, “Sweet Life” and “Pink Matter” Frank Ocean has arrived as this year's Bon Iver.

See the full Four Takes reviews of Frank Ocean's Channel Orange at Reviler.

Frank Ocean -"Pyramids"-mp3

xx- "Angels"-stream

UK downbeat charmers xx return with new record Coexist, Sept. 11th and tour.

John Talabot
First Avenue
Oct. 19th


Jack White -"Freedom at 21" -video

Jack White with fresh visuals for "Freedom at 21" directed by Hype Williams, off his solo jump Blunderbuss.

Domo Genesis x Earl Sweatshirt x Vince Staples x Action Bronson - "Elimination Chamber"-mp3

Odd Future's Earl The Sweatshirt, & Domo Genesis hooks up with The Alchemist for his new project No Idols.

Domo Genesis x Earl Sweatshirt x Vince Staples x Action Bronson -"Elimination Chamber"-mp3

Friday, July 13, 2012

Kendrick Lamar -"Swimming Pools (Drank)"-mp3

Kendrick Lamar releases thew first look from upcoming good kid m.A.A.d city, due out October 2nd, 2012.

Kendrick Lamar -"Swimming Pools (Drank)"-mp3

Cooly G -"He Said I Said"-mp3

U.K. producer,artist Cooly G preps her new critically praised Hyperdub debut Playin Me.

Coooly G-"He Said I Said"-mp3

Dropxlife -"8xHundred | Pawncho"-mp3

Dropxlife xo a mysterious instrumental project from The Weeknd camp, this one soaked in downbeat spirals. There's a beautiful free 9 track record credited to Dropxlife titled 12x12. Highly recommended for xx, Nicholas Jaar and James Blake fans.

Dropxlife -"8xHundred | Pawncho"-mp3
The Weeknd -"Wicked Games"-mp3

Thursday, July 12, 2012

Nite Jewel-"Clive"-video

Nite Jewel relatively easy clip for "Clive" from her 2012 release One Second of Love, directed by José Wolff.

M.I.A. - "Baby"-mp3

M.I.A. hooks up with Madonna producer William Orbit. It seems M.I.A. isn't too pleased with whoever leaked this as it was a demo M.I.A. wrote for Madonna.

M.I.A. -"Baby"-mp3

Frank Ocean ft. Tyler The Creator -"Golden Girl"-mp3

Frank Ocean collabo with Odd Future's Tyler The Creator for the Channel Orange bonus track.

Frank Ocean -"Golden Girl"-mp3

Wednesday, July 11, 2012

Bjork -"Mutual Core (16Bit Remix)" + "Hollow (16Bit Remix)

Bjork with the latest from her Biophilia remix series #7 with two new 16Bit remixes of "Mutual Core" & "Hollow". Available from Itunes and on vinyl from Bjork.

Azealia Banks - Fantasea mixtape

Harlem/U.K. bad girl Azealia Banks finally delivers her Fantasea mixtape.

Azealia Banks -"Jumanji"-mp3
Azealia Banks -Fantasea-download

Das Racist & Talib Kweli – "The Actual"-mp3

Hipster rappers Das Racist recruit Brooklyn's Talib Kweil.

Das Racist & Talib Kweli "The Actual"-mp3

Danny Brown & Araabmuzik-"Molly Ringwald"-video

Danny Brown & producer Araabmuzik make music on the spot for Yours Truly who will release the track "Molly Ringwald" on 7inch.

Lianne La Havas – "Is Your Love Big Enough (Alby Daniels remix)"-mp3

U.K. rising artist Lianne La Havas preps her debut Is Your Love Big Enough, a potential contender to Esperanza Spalding out in the U.S. in August.

Lianne La Havas -"Is Your Love Big Enough (Alby Daniels remix)"-mp3

Azealia Banks -"Neptune"-mp3

Azealia Banks gets an assist from Dizzee Rascal's adversary Shystie. Her mixtape Fantasea drops any moment.

Azealia Banks ft. Shystie -"Neptune"-mp3

Guante -"This Is The Opposite Of A Suicide Note (Graham O'Brien Remix)"-mp3

Spoken word/MC/activist Guante releases new remix of "This Is The Opposite Of A Suicide Note by Graham O’Brien of No Bird Sing. Guante & Big Cats! will release You Better Weaponize later in 2012.

Guante -This Is The Opposite Of A Suicide Note (Graham O'Brien Remix)"-mp3

Friday, July 6, 2012

Frank Ocean -"Sweet Life"-mp3

Frank Ocean drops a sweet slow soul jam with production assist from Pharrell, form his upcoming debut Channel Orange, July 17th.

Frank Ocean -"Sweet Life"-mp3

Thursday, July 5, 2012

Tuesday, July 3, 2012

Inga Copeland -"B.M.W."-mp3

Inga Copeland of Dean Blunt & Igna Copeland (Hype Williams) with her solo jump from upcoming 12inch.

Inga Copeland -"B.M.W."-mp3

Monday, July 2, 2012

Kanye West & Pusha T -"New God Flow"-mp3

Kanye West & Pusha T bring that "New God Flow" from the G.O.O.D. Music compilation Cruel Summer coming very soon. Ye & Pusha T have another banger with this one.

Kanye West & Pusha T -"New God Flow"-mp3

Nicolas Jaar -Colomb"-mp3

NYC's Nicolas Jarr does his best James Blake, I'm not mad at that.

Nicolass Jaar -"Colomb"-mp3
Nicolass Jaar -"What My Last Girl Put Me Through"-mp3

Nas -"Loco-Motive"-mp3

Nas continues to prep Life Is Good, with assist from Large Professor & production by NO I.D. on deck July 17th. A nice little banger from Esco for his "trapped in the 90's niggas".

Nas ft. Large Professor -"Loco-Motive"-mp3

Santigold -"The Keepers"-video

New from Brooklyn homegirl Santigold with the visuals for "The Keepers" off her latest opus Master Of My Make Believe.

Santigold -"The Keepers" (Knocks Remix)-mp3

The Tribe & Big Cats -"Dopeness"-video

Another Minneapolis rookie shinning as The Tribe & Big Cats celebrate the good life with some "Dopeness" off their new jump Space. Video directed by Isaac Gale and David Jensen, producer Kate Iverson for Permanent ADG.

The Tribe & Big Cats
F Stokes
Jimmy 2 Times
7th Street Entry
July 14th

The Tribe & Big Cats -"Dopeness"-mp3

Meadowlands -"U8"-mp3

Meadowlands captures the loneliness and creativeness of Berlin, Neukölln. Music From Mainzer Straße is the far-distant synthesizer work of Brooklyn's Michael McGregor.

Meadowlands -"U8"-mp3