Friday, May 19, 2017

ZULUZULUU, Greg Grease & DJ Just Nine join Atmosphere on the Welcome to California Tour

Minneapolis R&B,Psychedelic funk,Afro-futurist ZULUZULUU, Greg Grease & DJ Just Nine join Rhymesayers Atmosphere on their Welcome to California Tour Aug 7th - Aug.20th. Both Atmosphere and ZULUZULUU will hit Soundset Festival May 28th. Tickets for #WelcomeToCA available here. Before Auugust you catch ZULUZULUU on the What's The Price Tour 2017.

"Some artists wear their hearts on their sleeves. ZULUZULUU wear their entire beings for all to see. They’re not a band. They’re not a crew. They’re not a collective. They’re a Tribe. Hailing from Minneapolis, their sound is a cauldron of influences drawn from the very best the city has to offer. The fierce funkiness of Prince. The gospel tidings of Sounds of Blackness. The unbridled enthusiasm of The Replacements. The un-exhaustive flow of Atmosphere."- by Chris Lackhy

“A producers’ supergroup of sorts, ZULUZULUU has been synthesizing and streamlining enough collectivized inspiration (their covers album The Cover Up spans from The Stylistics to DJ Quik) to stand out as a more hip-hop-indebted heir to the classic ’80s Minneapolis sound—the classic DIY funk roots fused with a sample-searching cratedigger’s ear.”- Nate Patrin (Bandcamp)



Greg Grese

DJ Just Nine

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