Wednesday, November 15, 2017

Rich Garvey - "Compliment" -mp3

Minneapolis based; Liberian born Rich Garvey drops "Compliment" featuring Alnansa & Lokes the first from off his Onyx Gemstone EP via Paris-based Cascade Records. Described as "Lo-fi boom bap soul". The Onyx Gemstone EP also features Why Khaliq, Abhinav and production by Ackryte.

Rich Garvey ft. Alnansa & Lokes -"Compliment"-mp3

Andrew Broder - Cousin Mask - EP

Minneapolis avant-producer/artist Andrew Broder scores with his latest, the 5-song Cousin Mask EP. Cousin Mask winding rush of electronics, breakbeats, loops and lush arragnements includes contributions from Gabi, Leah Ottman, Tim Glenn, TaskForce, Psymun, Justin Vernon, Maaike Van Der Linde, Ryan Olson, Trever Hagen, Arone Dyer and Shelley Soerenson.

Andrew Broder -Cousin Mask - EP-mp3

Saturday, November 11, 2017

Dizzy Fae - "Don't Hate For Me"-video

Minneapolis artist/dancer Dizzy Fae continues to shine and break down barriers with her latest track and visuals for "Don't Hate For Me", produced by Psymun. She will be performing with Jorja Smith & Snoh Aalegra 11/14th in Chicago.

Dizzy Fae -"Indica (prod. su na & dizzy fae)"-mp3

Wednesday, November 8, 2017

POLIÇA and s t a r g a z e - "How Is This Happening"-mp3

Minneapolis POLIÇA joins forces with Berlin's s t a r g a z e for the enchanting first single "How Is This Happening". From their upcoming collaborative Music For The Long Emergency, recorded at Justin Vernon's April Base in Eau Claire, Wisc. Music For The Long Emergency arrives February 16th 2018 from Transgressive Records and Totally Gross National Product.

POLIÇA and s t a r g a z e -"How Is This Happening"-mp3

Tuesday, November 7, 2017

Kelela - "Blue Light"-video

Kelela just released the visuals for her "dred-sex" "Blue Light" track off her stunning debut Tear Me Apart. Kelela is currently on tour and everyone who saw her a few days ago in Minneapolis were blown away.

Wednesday, October 25, 2017

Tufawon x Mixie x Lady Midnight -"Cambia La Tema" (prod. by TZ1)-mp3

Minneapolis keeps it coming, with three artist linking up Tufawon, Mixie & Lady Midnight to collaborate on "Cambia La Tema". A nice nugget of a track utilizing all three talents lovely.

Tufawon x Mixie x Lady Midnight -"Cambia La Tema"-mp3

Saturday, October 14, 2017

IMAME -'Helena Hearse Fights the Big Bad Wolf of Badlands' EP -stream

A new voice from Minneapolis the young homie Jibra'il aka IMAME has released Helena Hearse Fights the Big Bad Wolf of Badlands', a 3 track, thoughtful narrative exploring metal health. From the artist.

"This is a mental health care awareness project. This project is designed for people to go about that journey of mental health care to. Making this music has been an exploration of my own mental health care journey that I have had so far. The story of this music is the story of myself, as the character IMAME, going the path of a spiritual "walkabout" to cleanse my spirit of inner demons. Which is portrayed within the title of the project. The title is explaining that I have set out on this journey of a "spirit walk" to find my spirit guide that will fight the inner demons that have formed together and called themselves The Big Bad Wolf. This is an elaborate testimony on the very unconventional experiences that many with mental illness have, stories that can be abstract when received by a listener. The aim of this project is to make those connections between the unconventional and abstract experiences of a person or persons with mental illness with the art of storytelling. My own story is one I am willing to share publicly in the art of music.

Helena Hearse fights the Big Bad Wolf of Badlands is specifically a western about a young black male with a nation-worth of oppression upon him and how he triumphs through that adversity while the conflicts of his personal challenges are complicated by the conflicts in his environment. It is also about breaking apart stereotypes and stigmas that surround the world of and those with mental illness".

IMAME -Helena Hearse Fights the Big Bad Wolf of Badlands'-mp3