Thursday, June 9, 2016

Knxwledge - "asHºK∆ / j∆M.FRºZE"-mp3

Stones Throw producer Knxwledge digs in his past for Leaving Records with new 7inch beat record Buttrskotch. Buttrskotch is an EP release from Knxwledge – 6 beats b/w 5 beats – first released on tape, and now on 7-inch vinyl. He came to Los Angeles via NJ and Philadelphia, dropping about a thousands tracks on Bandcamp along the way. Following the Buttrskotch tape, he released Anthology with Leaving Records, and the all-new original album Hud Dreems with Stones Throw.

Knxwledge -"asHºK∆ / j∆M.FRºZE"-mp3

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