Thursday, December 3, 2015

I Self Devine & Muja Messiah - 9th House

Minneapolis I Self Devine & Muja Messiah collaborate for 9th House. The two veteran MC's noted for politics, pro-Black Panthers, solidarity with workers, anti-police, satire filled lyrics, revolution, Sagittarius and paying respect to the legends provide the narrative. By future meets past with deft production by J. Hard (Greg Grease), MYK (ZULUZULLU/Greg Grease) & Orko Eloheim (Divine Styler) on deck. Also ace vocal contributions from Lady Midnight (Vandaam/Malamanya) and Proper-T (SolFlower/ ZULUZULUU). "9th House is mostly an act of collage, with pro-black, anti-police sentiments dominating its most lucid moments" from Pitchfork's glowing review 9th House by Paul Thompson. The Litestyle Observer says "The two MCs continue to break mold and obliterate stereotypes as they tackle hard hitting topics and impact knowledge with their incomparable flows" from their review 9th House. "Welcome to the land of the headless horseman, where police will kill a man while he protest abortion… –Muja Messiah “Palm Trees & Zombies" from The Reviler's very cool review of 9th House.

I Self Devine & Muja Messiah -9th House-mp3
I Self Devine & Muja Messiah ft. Lady Midnight -" Midnight on Jupiter"-mp3

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