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Sound Verite : Beach House - Depression Cherry review

Sound Verite reviews Beach House - Depression Cherry

Since their breakout moment with 2010’s Teen Dream, Beach House has solidified its position as everyone’s favorite dreamy band. They managed to follow-up this modern classic with 2012’s equally beautiful Bloom. Now, Baltimore’s Victoria Legrand and Alex Scally return with their fifth album, Cherry Depression. Beach House is definitely consistent, they work in very measured terms, with understated guitars flushed in synths. I heard the record for the first time while in Cape Town, South Africa as I was sitting on an beautiful beach overlooking the Atlantic; location means everything and Beach House does sound good on the beach. As I was staring into the wonderful sunset with a bottle of wine, it sounded calming, adding to a feeling of escape from the world and all its complications.

Depression Cherry keeps everything slow and sprawling like all of their records. The opening track “Levitation” sounds exactly like every Beach House song that you love. The rush of guitars on “Strut” throws a minor curve ball. On “Space Song” Legrand pleads that she is right there with you, even from a distance “It was late at night you held on tonight….somewhere in these eyes, I’m on your side”. “Beauty Love” opens lovely, with pretty strumming guitars full of gorgeous melodies yet disjointed. “10:37” is cool, if incomplete and “PPP” works just like the “Levitation”, its feels like you’ve heard it and enjoy it still; it’s also rather long and wandering. The weeping “Wildflower” is hypnotic and brooding before closing out with cascading elegance of “Bluebird” and the lush “Days Of Candy”. There feels like something is missing, a knock-out punch, and epic moment perhaps, almost vague or maybe this is just fine. There’s no new ground broken here, which is just fine. They seem to coast along on the expectations that whatever they do will be grand. Beach House works as a comforter, you seem to think they actually understand your broken moments, the time when no one hears your cries.

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