Tuesday, January 13, 2015

starRo ft. Greg Grease -"Particle Of Silent View"-mp3

Los Angeles-via-Tokyo producer starRo collabo with Minneapolis
with Greg Grease. It's the first track from staRo's new Emotion EP, available Feb. 10th.

Of the track starRo says “[“Particle of Silent View”] is the first track I made for this EP. I always saw it as the opening track. I wanted to make this EP like a European art house film starting silently from the scene of a snowy field with nothing else in sight. That’s how I came up with the title too. It was meant to be the instrumental track, but I kept hearing Greg’s deep voice and poetic lyrics intertwined in the beat so I hit him up and he got back with amazing work that made this track even more cinematic. This track has a lot of elements that influence the EP as a whole including my love for post-rock, ambient, hip hop and jazz.

And for Greg Grease "I was inspired from starRo’s track to write something that could have a multiple meaning, depending on who you are. “Everybody wants heaven, but nobody wanna die” could be seen as a commentary on modern day death culture, our expectations in life and willingness to work for reward."

starRo ft. Greg Grease -Particle Of Silent View-mp3

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