Wednesday, November 19, 2014

SZA -"Sobriety"-mp3

SZA has made a name for herself as a new part of new era female R&B vocalist who tilt left. SZA smokes her pain away on new subtle track "Sobriety", “When my mother says she want me to be married/ And happy and whole, not high and alone/ Whoa, that Xanax make you trip, I still ain’t got no whip/ I still ain’t got no friends/ At least I got my family. Bullshit–/ My daddy still can’t stand me.” She will be on the Enter The Void tour with rising starlet Jhene Aiko & The Internet, they will be in Minneapolis Dec. 21st at The Skyway Theatre.

SZA -"Sobriety (Prod. Chris Calor & Cody Jordan)"-mp3

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