Tuesday, August 21, 2012

Slug (Atmosphere), Mally, Mike The Martyr & Haphduzn -“Shameless” -mp3

The first track from the Minneapolis indie hop-hop compilation Flood Watch. Flood Watch is an all-original music project/album created by That Dude Reeg of Check The Blog and Executive Produced by Tek. The Flood Watch comp is loaded with tracks featuring Meta, Slug (of Atmosphere), Muja Messiah, Greg Grease, Mally, Tek, Mike The Martyr, Bobby Raps, Haphduzn, Mac Irv, Knox, Big Wiz, Freez, Mod Sun, K-Nine,Kisson, Jesse James, Aquafesh and Sti Lo Reel. The record also showcases the finest new producers in Tek, Nicademus, Mike The Martyr, GMO, Mike Frey, Cory Grindberg, PC, Bobby Raps and Dimitry Killstrom.

Slug (Atmosphere), Mally, Mike The Martyr & Haphduzn -“Shameless”-mp3

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